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éléctrical important be resolved

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Hi all !!!

i have an interressant question for you all , "electrical-guys".
i know i should had better to post this in the "sportsters aera" but i think here : my question will have more chances to be read....

the question is simple :

do you think a C-D-I Box can work fine , placed side-by-side to the ignition coil ?

( i worry coz i think maybe the éléctrical impulses créated by the coil could make troubles to the C-D-I Box.....)

thanks by advance for your answers !


P.S: sports is a 1993 / 94 évo

Post Sat Feb 17, 2007 12:17 pm

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When all is new and no leaks (water or current) it will all work well I think. But as materials starts to detorirate, you will see strange things happend.
Leaking ign. leads, cracking epoxy on the CDI box etc.... leads to problems coming and going. Hard to figure out whats wrong..
My guess.

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