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need rid of 2/3rds of a 98 1200 sports wiring

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I picked up a side job converting a 1998 sportster into a rigid,building rear fender,heavily modifying the gas tank,changing the factory mags to 40 spoke harley wheels,etc.,etc.etc.
I'm used to vintage bikes with 10 wires or so at the most on them.This thing has a loom front to back an 1 1/2" thick or so.Can anyone point me to a schematic or give me some guidance.The owner insists on turn signals but said I can put the switches within easy rear on his seat post, use small signals mounted low,and discard all the stock controls containing the electrics from the handle bars.The engine is dual plug to boot,thus dual coils.He is running a dyna 2000i ignition though so it's taking care of the voes.I want to put together a start,run,charge harness with the headlight,tail light,turn signals,and brake light switch at the rear. I've wired more then one bike in the last 30 years but have never seen a mess of wires like this.So the objective is to rid all the wiring I can from the bike while retaining the above mentioned functions.Someone take pity on an old fool and show me the light..................

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