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Weld cracked at rear "Y" pipe on 1991 FLT

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Need more late model help. Had exhaust leak at "Y" exhaust pipe off rear cylinder on my 1991 FLT with 68,000 miles and stock factory exhaust with Samson slip on mufflers. Took rear pipe off and found factory weld had come completely seperated at the "Y". The weld is intact, but the small part of Y pipe has completely seperated from the weld. All tail pipe mounts/brackets were in place and tight. Is this common. Does this mean the front motor rubber mount is worn out? I am going to have pipe welded and put back on, but would like to cure the problem before it happens again. Thanks, Buster

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It is very common. In fact I am surprised that ya made it 68,000 miles before it happened. Don't buy a new pipe. Just weld up you old one.

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All the earlier pipes break there. HD came out with a beefed up supersceded product improved part # to address that issue. They are expensive but that weld job won't work unless you "sleeve" the old pipe like the new replacement. Stop by your HD Dealer with the old pipe and compare against a new one and you'll see what I mean. Most bigger Dealers keep them in stock. [common break]
At least you don't have an 1986 FXRT Dual pipe exhaust. One customer broke 3 in 45,000 miles and those are now Obsolete!

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