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shovel rockerboxs differance

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Post Thu Oct 23, 2014 8:52 am

shovel rockerboxs differance

hi guys was going to replace the rocker boxs on my bitsa shovel . registered in 1974 . but with 1340 mill..have seen two types for sale . on the under side between the pushrod tube holes ...one sort has one bolt hole and another sort has what looks like a large boss with 2 holes in it.....i cant get at the bike at the moment ..is there a rough guide to types/year please... regards jib
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Re: shovel rockerboxs differance

From your description I believe you are talking about the air cleaner support bracket mounting holes; probably not an issue unless you are using a stock air cleaner. The large boss was used on late heads. Another difference is that later boxes employ two short studs rather than just one as the earlier heads did. Most repop rocker boxes are set up for the second short stud and come with a spacer so you don't have to change from the long stud on early heads.

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