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1958 up Wagner Lockheed master cylinder

Post Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:27 pm

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I need to restore the bore in a Wagner Lockheed master cylinder off a 1964 Pan.
I ran a flex ball hone through it in readiness for a rebuild kit but when I shone a torch down the bore, I could see some electrolasis pitting in the bottom of the bore at 1-1/2" down the stroke. I haven't tested it under pressure, but the pitting looks to be deep enough to cause leakage past the lip of the cup. This would effect the brake pressure ...soft pedal response...and the sealing against leakage out past the dust seal...causing paint to peel off the frame.
Maybe the previous owner didn't do periodic servicing. ie..changing the brake fluid at recomended intervals... and condensation or moisture has contaminated the brake fluid.
Condensation/water settles to the bottom of the brake fluid in the bore and electrolisus does it's job on the metal.

About 15 years ago I had a machinist fix a couple of these. He over bored them and pressed in a Stainless tube, and then bored them back to original size.
This made the part an heirloom because it was so expensive to do...even back then.
I am thinking it won't have got any cheaper to do, as this would be a 3 hour job and machinist's charge a rate that is equivalent to their talent.

My question is.... Has anyone got a more cost effective method of putting these "Restoration important" Wagner Lockheed master cylinders back into service?
I measured this bore at 0.753" and am wondering if it can be overbored to 7/8" or 20mm metric and can some other cup can be used?
Maybe a Japanese master cylinder has a slightly larger metric size or some other American vehichle has a rubber cup that will fit in.
The pitting can be seen 3/4 down the bore in the picture.

A side note.. Be wary of these Master cylinders and wheel slave cylinders on ebay or swapmeets. It may have the correct cap and the paint can look great on the outside but it can still need a lot of money to fix it.

Has anyone had experience in fixing these units???
Regards Steve
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