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65290-41 Front Muffler Hanger Angle of Adjustment

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With the Y-pipe where I want it, but with the Y-spigot is cocked slightly (you can see a sliver of chrome past an even black line).
The spigot can be pulled down, to squarely seat in the hub, by adjusting the angle of the muffler hanger, so that when fastened to the frame plate, it won't pull the y-pipe spigot out of the "s-pipe" hub, like it's trying to do here.
The hanger is not centered around the pipe. It will be after the angle is adjusted.
The hanger needs an extra bend made (at pencil point), so the hanger will rollover the support plate lip. The hole that attaches to the frame plate is a slot.
The initial (calculated guess) flattening of the bend can be made by squeezing the bracket in a soft jawed vise.
After the angle is set, you need to establish that second bend right at the pencil point area. I removed the bolt from the slotted hole and clamped the bracket evenly in the vise and smacked it with a 3 lb. brass hammer.
The hanger and the s-pipe-to-frame bracket hold everything together horizontally and laterally.

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