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1964 rear fender

Post Wed Apr 09, 2008 2:17 am

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I am currently restoring a 1964 Pan and I have had my fenders staightened and ready for paint. I bought the fenders sepperatly from the rest of the bike as it did not have any. A freind just brought around a set of fenders he just got in the mail. His fenders look really nice and original and we started making comparisons against my preped set and noticed that there were some differences in the rear flip section. Both our flips are the 2 hole number plate bracket style. The first difference we noticed was mine has smaller rivets than the front section of my fender. His has the same style large rivets on the front and rear sections. Mine has large head rivets 0.440" on the long front section of the fender but small 0.340" head rivets in the flip section ...and there are 5 of them instead of 2. Can someone shine some light in here because I'm getting that gloomy feelin.

Post Wed Apr 09, 2008 6:51 pm

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I have attached some pictures of the fenders. I believe the front fender section is original but I am not sure what year it is as it has a relief cut/away right at the end which my mates fender does not have .... maybe early Pan virsus late Pan. My main concern is the flip section of the guard as it has 5 small rivets virses 2 on either side of the number plate bracket on my mates fender. The rivets are a hollow type and they are the same down the side of the flip. The strengthening plate on the inside of the flip does not have the same ribs and the taillight bolt holes are not sloted like my mates. I am thinking someone has married a aftermarket flip to a original front section but I would like to hear from people more qualified or have had experience on these differences. I'll try and post pictures.
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