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Wiring A Rigid Frame Panhead

Post Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:30 am

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This series will go beyond Vol. 2 and show the path of the wiring harness for a '55-57 Panhead using a voltage regulator instead of a relay. You can use any wiring harness '48-64. I'll be adding a neutral lamp wire and creating break-out wiring for the voltage regulator.
This is the '59-61 green light neutral indicator.
The terminal plate that's behind the coil. It helps to label the terminal posts, since the literature includes the numbers in the wiring explanations.
The terminal plate that resides under the front fork panel. It's a good idea to label the terminals. Use pencil if your building a show piece
I'm using the '62-67 three-light base, and the lamp in the middle as a neutral lamp. There is no green-lens available yet, although one has been listed in the V-Twin catalog for years.
A hole can be made in the top left side of a two-light dash cover for the OEM lens position as shown in the top photo, but there's no hole in the base for the lamp, and the only "bulb holder" you will find inside any OEM dash cover is the cover from 1947 only, of which you can utilize a spot-welded speedometer lamp bracket. This obsolete piece cold be made again - stamped pieces spot welded before chrome.
Image '47 only cover and added neutral light hole.
But, the easiest way to set up a neutral lamp dash is to use the 3-lite dash cover (below) and the center lamp as the neutral light.

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