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Tele. Number for Dennis Corso Company for Headers?

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Does anyone do business with this company? They are in Ohio and I believe they make the Made in U.S.A. '48-57 OHV exhaust that V-Twin sells. I've tried to email them, with no response. Does anyone have a phone number for them? I'd like to ask them if anyone else has ever had a problem fitting the U.S.A. Made, front header on a rigid Panhead.
From the American Iron M/C site:
I don't know about the company you mentioned, but I know the originals have the compound bend, and the aftermarkets don't. On any particular bike, they can take a "little" fitment. That's why most of the used ones look like they have been hammered. Originals aren't hard to find. I have a couple I got off ebay pretty reasonably.

Thanks Mike,
I'd like to have an OEM front header to measure against. If you see one on ebay ever, copy and paste the URL to this topic.
I'll try and look through what has if any.
I'm trying to find an aftermarket company that can supply headers that fit for the masses. Ebay is okay, if you want to find one or two items, but I'm thinking 10,000 of the headers are needed.
R 1004-48C 65440-48 Front exhaust pipe chrome Panhead, EL, FL, FLH '48-'65. usa $ Three Hamilton's, a Lincoln, and two George's.
This is what has in stock. Does anyone know how to read their catalog description? Does U.S.A. mean the header comes from the Dennis Corso Co. The price seems a little cheap for an n.o.s. part.

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330-673-2411 is the number listed in the AMCA Roster.
I used to sell Dennis' pipes. But after too many complaints from customers about fitment I quit. I even complained to Dennis myself about a set of 45" pipes that didn't fit. This after I knew someone else who had complained to him about the same pipes a week before. His answer to me was, " I haven't had any complaints from anybody else.", which I knew was a lie.
Paughco's pipes are not as good as Dennis'
V-Twin sell products from both of them.
The Superior pipes from Dixie have the best fit and are the cheapest. Dixie products can be ordered through most any aftermarket shop.

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I got a Dixie rear header from Kick-Start to try and it didn't fit either. I still have it. I can shoot a pic of it and post it, if you can tell by looking at it whether it's Dixie or not.
I'll try and call the Corso factory tomorrow and see if they'll talk to me. If they will agree to try and make the front header with the correct arc, and make four narrow relief cuts into the hub instead of the two wide ones that won't clamp the spigot, then I'll ask them if they will make the flat pipe bare metal and not attach the "riveted" bracket.
Then, someone can fit up their pipes like I did, and mark the loose bracket where they need it, to fit their frame tab. That's the approach I'm taking over the phone. If we get the exhaust figured out, people will build replica kits and Tedd will make the tanks. Go over to and read some of that stuff and look at some of the Panheads from all over the world. Ou' wee.
I see it this way: There are three obstacles that are road-blocking free building of a replica 1955-57 rigid frame Panhead:
1. No catalog available 3.5 gallon tanks
2. No front header that will fit.
3. The flat-pipe bracket needs to not be welded to the flat-pipe. Leave it two pieces of raw metal and we can chrome them after they're fit and welded.
Thanks for the phone number.
I appreciate the phone number. I wouldn't have thought to look in my 2000 AMCA roster. I'm glad to hear that at least a few relic-headers are intact.
My tact, is to offer my TiG welded front header to them tomorrow, to use as a model for a new issue.
I talked to Dennis Corso about my front header pipe not having enough arc and we narrowed the problem down to my (thrice returned to Corbin for adjustment) 1997, V-Twin frame. They've sold many header sets and mine has been the only complaint.
They said if a customer wanted to get the flat-pipe and bracket as two separate raw metal pieces, then assemble the exhaust pipes on the machine, then bolt the bracket to the frame tab and mark a line around the bracket where it makes contact with the flat-pipe, and then have it TiG welded, they can do that. It's your call. But, there's help offered on the flat-pipe side of any problems.
IMO, that's what you should do, but there again, I'm matching exhausts to a replica frame that has documented problems. Exhaust pipes are sometimes a problem, even with n.o.s. He spoke of having to use a long breaker bar when having to custom bend a front header to a frame damaged Knucklehead - saying it would be an easier task with two people, but that he bent some arc into the front header by himself.
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Or you can use OEM parts. A full set of used OEM Panhead pipes just sold on eBay for $26.00. They needed a lil fixin' and fresh chrome but so what. You have to rechrome your Taiwan Tedd parts anyway. Tom Faber has been known to have some NOS pipes now and then.

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