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A 1955-1957 Replica Curb Appeal

Post Fri Nov 16, 2007 6:02 pm

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Let's look at a replica Pan from a point of view most critical, standing 10 feet away, from off the right handlebar.
What's the first thing you see, maybe the cam cover? 8 fin or 4? doesn't matter, the AM (aftermarket) ones look real enough. Any argument :?: Then, the next thing that pops out are the tanks and emblems (if any), and the brain's constantly scanning for mind-eye-fraud. Those are the first areas the eyes travel to.
Look the the front fork: Headlight - ok, sliders - ok, fork panels - ok, handlebars - ok,
Aftermarket GAS TANKS - NOT OK, oil tank - ok, STD spigot exhaust head - ok (until proven otherwise in a close-up pic from someone), relay crankcase - ok, V-Twin (complete Pan motor [10-1995]- ok, (available and no bad reports on this site), Saddle- ok (Harley-Davidson® 52006-47B), fenders- ok, rims and spokes - ok, taillight - ok, what else :?:
We need accurate replica 3.5 tanks and a whole new world will open, but we can't have even one stinker hallmark part included in the mix. You can have a mix of different years Harley style parts, and not cause a mental "tilt" :idea: light to go off, as long as it looks right from every view.
Real tanks will start a few people building in a very short time, because the tanks will look good sitting on a kit, while they are buying parts and building it. And, they know their gas line & shut off valve is going to hook up correctly when they need it.
All the other problems for replication-restoration, and building a V-Twin '41-59 rolling chassis with working brakes are stepped-out in Vol. 2. The only machine shop tool you might need is a lathe, to move an axle taper, but the taper doesn't fit into a cone, so I guess someone else might use a bench grinder.
This is a 70% replica, (30% OEM - tanks, saddle {available} and trans) '55-57 V-Twin kit.
And keep the sliders wrapped in paper. They scratch easily.
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