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Does someone have a good source for rebuilt Linkerts?

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Hey Anthony, just a thought. don't know what your running for a cam , but looking at the header and the Dellorto
lets say it's at least an FLH, or a Andrews A. If you don't want to spent a ton of money, but want easy starts and reliability and bolt on Harley parts. Get a Bendix. They run good, get good gas mileage, easy to repair.
Another thought, but a little more work is the CV. If you don't mind spending a little time playing with a few things, this carb is great on Pans and Shovels. I've never seen one on a Knuck, but I've heard they work on them to.
There is a guy on E-bay that sells a solid mount adapter for the CV, so you can get rid of the rubber manifold.
One of the things I would do, what ever carb you end up with is get an air filter. Dirt is the killer to any carb.
Good luck, Pooka 8)


EVO's do like to run lean

It's not the lean, it's the VOES.

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CV's will generally do better than fixed venturi carbs because of the better atomization of fuel at all throttle settings. You're removing the operator's ability to screw up the depression across the fuel nozzle in a CV or variable venturi carb. I always got high 40's with the HD series SU's on my pans. just one man's opinion.

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Let me first repeat myself by asserting that there is no such thing as a bad carb, only difficult ones.

Please consider that some Indian folks who are not on this forum (Our Host will hopefully broaden the spectrum with upcoming Indian products!) are reporting 40+ mpg with original carbs.

My firm belief is that today's vintage Harley world just hasn't the patience or motivation to completely rebuild their Linkerts thoroughly.

If I can do it, sure as hell ain't brain surgery!

Where is the pride in running a vintage American machine if you have to hide a Honda carb behind the aircleaner?
It seems like admitting defeat to me.



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