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Accruate Engnr. Re-Manufactured Pan Heads

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Here's the rear head of a set Accurate re-manufactured 7 yrs. ago. They were sent back originally in boxes, within an S&S export-quality box, packed tighter than Rubic's cube. Art-ful shipping. Nothing could move around.
I assembled the rocker arms and bearing on the front head, but when I got to the rear head, the rocker bearing blocks would not fit over the locator pins. I did not try and make them fit. I called Eric at Accurate, as a regular-joe customer who calls up out of the blue, and explained my situation.
He listened, and said, "We'll take care of it". Those were "life presever-to-a-drowning-man" words to hear.
Even though they have staffing shortages occasionally like any shop, and even though some craftsman get sick with the flu, etc., the Accurate Engineering shop maintains a high level of competence. Nothing leaves their door that's not road-ready (if you discover a problem, DON'T TOUCH IT, call them and be patient. I paid for shipping to them, they paid for shipping back. Fair to me!).
I experienced their level of output in 2000 and again in 2007. They're as consistent as a Tag Heuer timepiece.
These heads were in awful shape. Missing fins, broken fins, broken off gasket bed, stripped D-ring holes, stripped spark plug holes, Worn exhaust spigots. Terrible condition before (and thanks for the heads, to Ray Cole). Now they have Crane valve stem seals, non-leaded seats, Manley valves. Ready to roll. Note quality of repop HDC blocks & arms.
Charge hard.

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They look nice but I would've liked to see the studs even lengths.If the studs are the same and they're all screwed in right then I would've spot faced the top castings a touch more to even them up.
But then that's just me. :roll:

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