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8 & 4 Ribbed Cam Cover Panhead Motors

Post Fri Jul 20, 2007 2:02 pm

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Stett can build a guaranteed *Panhead motor using a '48-53, 8-ribbed (slotted screw) cam cover (or '54-64, 4-ribbed cover) and S&S cases with [Timken bearings], and a -56 sprocket shaft . All American internal parts. The only way you'd know the sprocket shaft wasn't tapered (roller bearing), would be to pull the sprocket nut off and see the splines. STD spigot exhaust, and (Linkert intake) heads. ['48-53 heads are plumber, '54-64 heads are O-ring]
6k plus applicable tax and shipping.
* Does not include manifold, carb or generator
Customers can call (619) 590- 8282 M-S (10 - 5 PST). Don't email them. "Get a guaranteed motor the easy way". Ask them about a 4-speed transmission too. Both components from one shop. Can't beat that - for a reliable drive train.

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