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'54-59 Speedster & Buckhorn Handlebars

Post Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:29 am

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Here's a set of Tedd speedster sitting on top of a set of OEM buckhorn. Buckhorn's reach back. Tedd's ship real nice. All taped over the shank - end screws. One of the nicest pieces I've ever pulled out of a box. There's a company named Faber that makes buckhorn's (a post from Here's Faber's site He's presently making a set for Fixman, as I understand it. I think Fixman has a '57.
I also just checked with Tom and he is working up a price for me for a complete, assembled set of buckhorns.
Thanks Much for the lead. I'll let you all know how it turns out. - Fixman

Here's the interior of the V-Twin connector center-piece. Handsome construction :!: Heavy tube too, not those thin-walled p.o.s, wide dresser bars that Mid-Cycle used to sell. Check a set of dressers out on the cover of Clymer's Panhead book.:!: , but that's all that was available in 1988.
Image ... F8&s=books

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