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Post Wed Dec 13, 2006 1:36 pm

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Wheelwrights: Mikey (left) has trued a lot of rims. (Piece-work too, which is also the preference of artisans in the handmade surfboard industry.) There are still mystery's within replica Knuckle & Pan for sure. Historic trades are a part of the replica industry. And we the enthusiast's (collectively) own replica. Evo people wonder at a distance about our machines. Trust me. They, and everyone else on two wheels, are in awe of the replica mechanical horse and the amount of study and devotion it takes to keep one. It just keeps getting better for us and the industry is always moving forward. One day those 1949-59 fork cups will arrive...8)...that's-for-sure :!:
You have to appreciate the company's sense of humor in regards to engineering and parts. Some of the problems they've left for the "internet experts" to figure out on their own. :lol: Which we do, IMO.

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