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Brooks Stevens

Post Tue Oct 17, 2006 9:47 pm

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Created the Hydra-Glide front fender (and tank emblem) in 1949. "He did everything from cigarette lighters to pavement rippers" - Gary Wolfe, curator of the Brooks Stevens Galllery of Industrial Design.
You can read this article using a jumbo magnifying glass. Brooks Stevens had style - worked with a few of Harleys contemporaries too, like Evinrude and Briggs & Stratton. It would be interesting to offer his son Kip, the task of re-designing a revised springer "mudguard" . He has the genetic license for it - A fender that would still allow enough front wheel clearance during fork compression, but hugged the tire more than the original fender that Harley created, with the purpose of keeping road-mud from collecting en masse and jamming up the front wheel. Maybe he could include a fender tip (for the aftermarket) to go with it - with one that actually fit.

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