Post Wed Jul 30, 2014 9:21 pm

Strange rattle since fork re-build

I recently switched out the stock fork tubes on my 64FL with a set from Bill's in PA, the seal area was all pitted and causing a leak, I re-used the original dampers but noticed the pocket where they are retained in the base of the tubes was a bit deeper than my stock tubes. I also re-used the shims that were in the original assembly but I still had about .004 play. I read a long time ago on the glide forum that .004 was the max end play or they might clunk going over railroad tracks and such. Well since it's been back together I've noticed a noise when riding over rough roads, it sounds like a wire end slapping the inside of the nacelle with each jounce of the sliders. I've gone as far as remove the nacelle completely searching for the source. I pulled one leg out of the trees thinking perhaps a clip came loose that holds the seal down, no such luck. So now I'm considering trying to find more damper shims to take up that last .004 in the tube pockets. Any one seen these available?...Let me know if anyone has any ideas...Mike