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Hard Starting when Hot Solved

Post Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:01 am

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At least for me anyway so I thought I’d share my experience here. My 56 was suffering from a sever manifold leak and after fixing that problem I simply re-adjusted the S&S super E as I’ve done for years by turning in the idle mixture screw till engine begins to cough and then back it out till engine runs smooth, then another 1/4 turn to be sure it’s a little on the rich side. I then would play with the enricher set screw to get a quick response with a flick of the throttle.

The engine ran strong and idled fine after these adjustments but my hard starting problem when hot was worse than ever. In my frustration with it I decided to swallow my pride and look up how S&S suggests setting the carb. I down loaded there instructions for returning the carb back to a what they call a “base line setting” from their web site. Boy was my carb way off. I can only imagine it got this far out of whack from me continually adjusting the carb to compensate for that leaky intake I was not aware of until recently.

Guys, if you are having hard starting problems when the engine is hot. Take the time to do a manifold test and adjust that carb to the manufactures spec’s. I now have myself a one kick panhead again thanks to Cotton’s constant preaching about manifold leaks and by following the printed word of S&S. My thanks to both.

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