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S&S oil pump mods. on '57pan

Post Wed Mar 11, 2009 2:27 pm

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Gentlemen; looking for some advice on the following;engine is a'57 pan-outside oiler heads fed from camcover. After running solid lifters for many years I've decided to go over to hydraulics and upgrade the lub.system with a S&S billet pump.My question-the S&S instructions contain an optional modification to the oil feed which essentially coverts the single feed to both the lifters and crank to a dual feed system-higher pressure to the lifters-lower pressure to the crank.I like the idea of the increased oil to the lifters,but will the supply to the heads be adversely affected? Oil supply to the heads will be via the ''low pressure"route through the cam cover to the crank.Anyone had any experience with this?

Post Fri May 22, 2009 11:42 am

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Interesing question since coming off the cam cover for top end oil. I can't answer for certain if the lower pressure matters although I think not since from what I'v read over time is that the requirement is more a case of steady supply of fresh oil versus pressure. Where are you coming off the cam cover, at the back edge or up near the top? I know in my case I'm considering a similar question. To come out of the top end filter screed hole or from somewhere off the cam cover or pump. The top end filter screen hole feeds both the lifters and the heads so there's a question of whether there is benifit to feeding high pressure to the lifters all by themselves or does it even matter? If one were to take top end oil from a port on the pump is that low pressure or high?


Post Fri May 22, 2009 9:29 pm

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Why not install the hydraulics and see if you have a problem keeping the lifters pumped up? I've heard that can be a problem when running the "A" cam, otherwise why worry about it? Mike

Post Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:35 am

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Dick-You're right about the top end needing steady flow rather than any great amount of pressure.The SS modification
consists of drilling a new oil feed port to the camcover side of the existing passage,then installing a setscrew between
the two holes-effectively providing two separate oil feed systems. My concern was- would the low pressure circuit
(the one which feeds the camcover/crank)have enough jam to force a reliably steady flow to the heads via the passage
drilled in the cover(same position as knuckle feed line).The question was answered by carefully rereading the instruction
booklet-this time ALL of it from front to back. An obscure little line toward the back issued the warning; Do not perform this
modification on engines equipped with outside oiler heads-so I didn't. I installed the pump using the stock feed setup and
hyd. lifters.About 1200 miles on the bike now and so far so good.
As far as where to install your line to feed outside oiler heads there are three locations I know of;
camcover (requires a touchy bit of drilling unless you have an knuckle cover around)
"T" a line off the oil pressure switch
As you suggested off the tappet screen
Oil pressure shouldn't be a concern as it should be uniform at all locations. What was throwing me off was the S&S
modification to the dual pressure system, which is not a problem with the stock pump or a S&S pump and a stock
oil feed system.
Mike,in the long run that's what I did- you're right. -thanks all, Glenn

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