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33vle engine oiling?

Post Fri May 25, 2007 4:50 pm

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I've just completed the restoration of my 1933vle. It was a non-
running project bike with the top end aprt and needing a rebuild.
The Riders Handbook says 4 hand pumps of oil is the standard
amount to fill the engine. By filling, draining and measuring,that
gives me 6 ounces.
that doesn't sound right to me?

Post Sat May 26, 2007 3:47 pm

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that just puts oil on the left/drive side main bearings. Make sure you have bled all of the air out of the line to the oil pump. You could kick her thru a coupla times before you turn the ign on. Without chokin or primin with gas if you still got the primin cups installed. set the throttle linkige to the oil pump rich then work it back. after youve burnt off the oil from startin up with assmbly lube you shouldnt get too much smoke even if you just run compression rings. Back off the throttle now and then too. Remember rich is better than lean, gas and oil

Post Sun May 27, 2007 7:22 am

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garykirc, You can feel free to give the hand pump a couple of extra pumps, especially for running in a new motor.

Don't ever forget to close your crankcase "dump lever", after draining....leaving your crankcase empty, and unable to build up a "puddle" of oil to splash off your flywheels. I've ridden next to 2 guys over the last several years that forgot, and made it between 2 and 10 miles on a summer day before the motor siezed.

What does this tell you??? ??

The oil going through your crankpin is insignificant, compared to the quantity in your cases, that the flywheels distribute to your cylinder walls.

(sorry to disagree, honest john, but the hand pump does more than supply the left bearings, I do agree though with being generous on the oil).

Remember, the JD motors, have NO oil being fed through the crankpin. They operate ENTIRELY on flywheel splash. JDs oil pumps simply meter, and drip oil into the timing gearcase, and it eventually it gets through to the crankcase, to re-supply the oil being "lost". The VL is much like it,
only it's oil goes through the crankpin.

I wouldn't worry about having too much oil in your cases.....if you do, your bike will let you know, by blowing a ridiculous amount of oil, and losing power.

VLs (and JDs too) are happy with quite a bit of oil in their cases compared to other models, even their crankcase design, has extra "room" at the bottom, for a good quantity of oil to gather.

Good luck,

Post Sat Jun 16, 2007 3:01 am
Six ounces or 150 cc of oil in the crankcases sounds about right to me. Over about 200 cc oil starts to come out of the valve covers, breather pipe, generator seals etc.

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