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42U handling problem original post on wrong forum

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so you wont have to go back to the 45 forum let me get you up to date, I have a '42U with original frame raked with a 1930 VL front end, changed out from a +2" FL springer.
finally got around to getting some measurments, going off the centerline of the rear leg and plum bob to the front axel I have a 38' rake and a 6" trail for a 63.5" axel to axel. I'm now wondering if the VL fork is to short for this rake, I have a 1/2" spacer below to actually get back to the height of the 2" over FL springer I had on before. I've checked the rear axel for straigh and loosened the front bearing but it still feels like it is tracking a groove in the road, it dont wobble but slow weaves and is striff on decel or braking. I'm actually going to pull the fork off and have it checked to make sure there is no slight side tweek from center to give it a cross slope feel. other than that it will be back to the 2" over FL fork.

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