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I live in Mass also and when I was building my 29 Ford Roadster, I questioned the Revenue department about the fact that I was paying sales tax on a lot of the items I was purchasing to build the car. He told me, ( don't remember his name) that a lot of the receipt that I paid sales tax on could be used to offset the final tax on the vehicle. He mentioned the motor if I purchased one and most of the chassis components. I don't remember what else was usable. I sold the car before I finished it.

I had a title for the Flatheadand registered it as a 1941 UL. And it sure ain't anything like they built back in 41.

Also stay away from New Bedford (I don't live there but work there) when getting a Mass. tag. The guy down there will not accept any receipts unless they are from a dealer. He will not accept personal sales even with a receipt. I am wondering why no one has gone over his head.


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I sell on ebay also and just to be honest i must say there are a lot of really good people out there and yes there are a few less desirables

the new special construction reg's that are coming in are going to drive the market price of original unmolested motor cases and motors to a higher bracket here real soon

i'm pretty sure most of the states rules on the cases #s are very simular
if the cases or frame #s were not factory HD #s then you get to register it as the yr of bike it was assembled in and the registration fees ,insurance ,taxes and in most states all the current rules like turn signals ,horn ,no ape hangers ,no loud pipes will apply also
the way i see the tax thing is its a bunch of crap
i buy a car per say brand new i pay the taxes on it then i sell it to a guy he goes and pays the taxes on it
so it changes hands 5-10 times and every one of those people pay the taxes over and over
then the car ends up in a wreckin yard and every part that sold from it gets taxes paid on them and if they are used to put a old unregistered car back on the road again those parts get taxed again
as you can see the taxes alone on that one car probably were more in the end then the original price
sickning the thought of that is it not
ok damn i got off track there
nil's hang in there man
your best bet wether it be from me or another guy is to get a motor that has good factory #s and build the bike with as much original stuff as you can find because chances are at a later date you will either decide you like the original look or decide to sell it and either way it will be easier to do or will be worth more let alone all the current pit falls of taging a bike with non factory #s and the ones that are very soon to pass

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Everyone has great input Nils. Aquire an engine you can get a title for first even if you have to use a title service to get it. Hopefully your state is like mine and you can do the following. Don't worry about a transmission, fenders, seat, lights, battery, etc., ect.. Put a rolling chassi together so you can get it to your local inspection station for a vin number inspection even if you have to push it to them. With this vin number inspection document you can now transfer the title you got through the title service over to your state and into your name. With less parts on the bike the value stays lower meaning less taxes. You won't be able to register it for plates most likely if your state has mandatory vehicle inspection because the bike is missing so many parts, but you will have it titled in your name and in your state. Parts receipts are exceptable in my state also if they show you already paid the sales taxes on them. Title services take from 6-16 weeks to come through for you. Pa


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