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Over charging electrics...

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Post Mon Mar 03, 2014 5:01 pm

Over charging electrics...

Hello again....
Have got a problem with overcharging...
I have the motor running with magneto..
And am running a 12v battery, with new 12v
Electronic voltage regulator, from jw. Boon,
In place of the delco remi cutout relay... And a65 generator...
For lights....
After riding it is overcharging to 13.6 v average..
Not sure what the problem is...
I have set this up like the old sportsters with magneto...only difference beeing
I am not using the bosch type regulator..
Any ideas..
Secondly, as a part time option could i ride
Without turning on switch,so no battery charging.. But Would this
Damage voltage regulator...
Thank you in advance....


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Post Wed Mar 05, 2014 6:37 pm

Re: Over charging electrics...

The electronic voltage regulator sets the charging voltage. 13.6 is not abnormally high. What you could do is place a Schottky diode in series with the output of the regulator, that would drop the voltage to about 13.3 volts, which should be safe. I use a VF20100S-E3/4W diode in my voltage regulators. They only cost $1.20 here in the states. It's a 20amp 100volt schottky diode, if that helps you find an EU equivalent.

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