Post Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:57 pm

air fuel meter

even'n folks,this past weekend got the flattie out for a test ride, i installed an air fuel meter with an o2 sensor in the front exhaust. i run a harley cv carb and had trouble dialing it in, i could get it run fairly strong but always felt like it could be more crisp, well i kept playing with the pilot jets only to find out that the needle was what needed the attention. it was lean in this area. with the gauge it becomes no guess work, real time mixture no matter what, just took about a dozen set ups to dial it in. i now understand the interplay of circuts much better than i did before. i take several trips a year and can now have some confidence that if i go lean, intake leak or whatever i will see it on the gauge before i'm sitting along some interstate hundreds of miles from home. if anyone wants more info i would be happy to respond. mark