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Anders Nygren Signature Series Engines !!!!!!

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How cool is this Bro's!!! Andres Nygren, formally the creator of Flathead Power Products and one of the best Bro's a Bro could be affiliated with,....also the original administrator and moderator of this wonderful forum,... has a series of S&S KN engines dedicated to him. It is about time Anders received such due respect and recognition ! Thank you S&S for providing Anders with this honor and for providing this highest salutation of a tribute to him ! Folks...these engines are limited editions and only a small number of these tribute engines are being produced. Get an Anders tribute engine now !! Check out the following link !! . Get a piece of Anders history before they are gone ! Touched deeply and humbled greatly....Pa

P.S. I also put this topic up over here since it is related to the original Flathead Power

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