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Post Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:44 am


Hello again.....I am looking for any info on the VMG model,not UMG.......cant find much in the books i have....or detailed fotos anywhere on the net........
Friend picked up one of these here in greece,its the second one to turn up here.no idea how they got here......one was bought from a guy i know a few years back missing the tranny......both are missing the mag and the one my friend got recently is missing the left crankcase........
he restoered it to vl specks with another motor he had.....
At first he thought it was a standard V model,but finding some odd parts ,he got in touch with Steve from VL heaven,who also helped him out tremendously with advice and parts on the build.....Steve confirmed that the `different` parts were unique to the VMG ....
any info would be great,photos with details of the motor/magneto set up would be great to see.........
shame the left/number side cases was missing..........
thank you....


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Re: VMG?

About ten years ago I saw one restored. It was an as raced hillclimber. Very cool looking. Check with Dale at Wheel Through Time. He may be of some help.

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