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Well, it looks like the old girl will get a break

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I have been getting my U up and running better, or so I thought.

I had bought it and imported it from South Africa and it is good in alot of regards. The bloke had a reasonable knowledge and done his own engine rebuild; and not too bad in alot of ways. But on the last couple of runs, especially the last one, there is a strange rattley knock starting to come in at medium rev's that I am not comfortable with. I ride with a half type helmet, so I hear and feel alot and this is definately a progressive thing in the wrong direction.

On the good front. I am looking at moving closer to Brissie as soon as I sell the house and there is a good flathead mechanic there apparently, as well as the fact that I heard that one of the blokes that used to work for me is returning to that area. He was a harley mechanic experienced on the older engines and a precice worker to boot, so I maybe able to coax him into a deal, as I trust him. Sad though as it cost me a bomb in Oz to get her on the road only a couple of months ago.

Oh well, better than turning up with a box of shattered chunks asking some poor mug what he can do with it.

Thanks for the help so far fellas :wink:

Posts: 27
Location: Australia
well I tensioned up the primary and lubed it well with chain lube. Then I done a flush and oil change and changed out the spark plugs. Running alot better, but still a bit rattlier than I would like for a flat head. Still good for the putt putt up and down the road for the time being.

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