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Pete Giammalvo aka Sideways Pete is gone. :(

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so many of you on this particular list live in other states
and maybe asking who is Pete?

Pete was a mid aged dirt tracker. He turned 52 this year. He'd been
in a wheel chair the past 25 years from a diving accident. He beat
the odds by surviving the accident and by lasting 25 year in the
chair. Pete did more in that chair them most due in there life time.
Soon after he got his 1st power chair he started promoting Flat Track
around New England because no one else would. He purchased 30 acres of
industrial zoned land in Winchendon mass (where I had just moved to)
and after 4 years of planing with zoning board and allot of help we
opened the Wachusett Valley Riders Club a 1/5 mile clay oval for bike
and go karts we ran 5 years with out a problem then one new
select-women who live across town managed to get the permits pulled
and courts shut us down...5 years and lots of $$ later we re-opened.
It's been a struggle to get traction to keep the place open as many of
the family's who were part of it in the beginning have grown up with
out bringing there friends and the fresh faces. Two off Pete's
understudies have gone on to make there living as professional dirt
track races. #64 Aaron Creamer and Currently #2 Kenny Coolbeth

Theres a few videos on you-tube

Heres one from Laconia bike week where Pete promoted the Ben Campenlli
1/2 mile at the Rochester fair ground.

Pete never turned away an opportunity to Promote the sport around the
world. Active on many web sites, governmental meetings, hearings etc
and bringing dirt track to the 6 new england state holding races at
fair grounds from Maine to Connecticut.
During the hard times theses past few years we tried to bring in the
other motor sports for special events and them see what Dirt tracks
all about so you'll see what they now call Endure-cross but your age
group would call a scramble. Pete also did ice racing events in the

Pete so started the Re-union riders luncheon that He handed over to
Okie a few years back. Pete and Myself with the help of Okie's son
and right hand office manager were planning on meeting soon to
continue the luncheon. Pete was a dirt track history buff. You could
say a riders number and give him a year range he'd tell you who it was
and what brand they rode. He loved talking with you and listening to
your stories.

Oh one last thing! They found homes for his live and kiddneys!
Helping someone thats Pete.

Sunday 3-7 @ Sawyer Miller Mascarelli (in down town) 123 Main Street Westminster Mass. It is right on main street across from the pharmacy at the only traffic light in town.

Monday Meet at Sawyer Miller Mascarelli before 9:15 if you want to be in the precession to go past the track. Motorcycles WANTED. We will try to leave at 9:30am.
Mass services @11am at St. Edwards church on Church Street in Westminster
(can be seen from funeral home).

In lieu of flowers please send donations to:
Westminster Town Benefit
PO Box 63
Westminister MA 01473

For those wondering why the In lieu of flowers request.

As some of you know Pete's been in a chair some 25 years. Back when he 1st got
hurt there was no money to put a ramp on the house to modify the house
etc. A group of his friends got together and held a benefit to raise
the money for the upgrades.
It help so much that every year the town host a fund raising fair with
games and dunk tank, live music, farmers market, auctions etc. 100%
of proceeds to benefit Westminster residents faced with tragedy
Pete sat on the board of course..
Jane and I have worked the benifit with Pete and Connie and a huge
crowd of other great people.

check them out on facebook ... 2595993560
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Pa Site Admin

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What a Man !!! May he rest peacefully. And thank you Bro for the history on this dedicated Man and determined Brother in the passion of bikes and his compassion for peoples. Pa

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Thanks Pa.
Boy i sure hope I don't have to keep writting these in 2012 good bye 2011!!
Pete is the guy who made it possible for me to meet just about everyone in the Flat Track racing world.
I even mett my wife at his track durring a play day.

"Smok'in the competition NOT Tobacco"
"Transplant organs, Don't bury them!"
Why dwarf? 5/8 scale race cars!

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