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We've lost two more, Frank A. Antonelli & "Okie" O'Connell

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Hey Gang.
Sorry to say we've lost another Two of the "Old Timers".

Frank A. Antonelli pasted away Monday.
Some of you might remember Frank was in the hospital back in 06 i think and i posted about it i know Pa and a few other sent card etc. Every time i talked with Frank he say something about it. You guy's made an impression on him.Thank you for that! ... =154524057

We also lost Robert E. "Okie" O'Connell on September 23, 2011.
Bob was the key behind the Annual riders reunions for the New England area and beyond. ... ATE=MOBILE
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Damn !!! I so very hate news such as this. May they both rest in peace and may their families, loved ones, and friends be comforted. My sincere condolences....Respectfully, Pa

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My condolences also to the family ad friends of these guys. It saddens me every time we lose one of these movers and shakers of the motorcycle lifestyle.

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