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Jim Casey Very ill

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Post Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:46 am
Pa Site Admin

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It saddens me to report the news I just received of Jim's health. Below is a partial draft of an email Jim sent to me himself. Please keep Jim in your thoughts and prayers and let us all hope he recovers from this.

Respectfully, Pa
This is the first I have said about this, because it basically just happened and will be a bit long so bear with me.
As you know I have had some health issues in the past.
I thought I finally had them licked and was dealing with work OK.
Well, I just got back to work last Tuesday after 2 weeks vacation. I was in the office doing some paper work when I heard one of my co-workers shouting my name. I came out of the office and saw him in the hallway fighting with a young kid. Without hesitation or thinking I charged them and slammed the kid into a shelving unit, got behind him, put him in a choke hold and took his legs out from under him and slammed him to the ground. Myself, my co-worker and the kid were wrestling for a bit, the choke hold finally got the best of him and he stopped fighting. The cops had been called but were taking a while to get there. The kid started to fight again and I grabbed on tighter at which point I felt something pop in my chest, that is not the worst part. My fingers on my left hand locked up, I have a tendon issue, I could not hold on with my left hand any longer and had to let go with my right so I could pop my left hand open. At that point the kid broke free of my co-worker and got out the door.
The cops showed up, I gave them a description and they took off. They came back about 10 minutes later with the kid. They nabbed him up the street a ways.
Everyone told me I didn't look to good and the cops said they were going to call EMS, I told them I was fine, just a bit out of breath. Well I could not stop sweating and could not catch my breath. The cops told me they had called EMS and to just let them check me out. They showed up and I was beginning to feel better but I let them check me out. They said that it looked like I may be having a heart issue and said they wanted me to go to the hospital to be checked. I asked if they were sure because now I felt fine. They transported me to the hospital and after about 5 minutes in the ER I went in to Cardiac arrest, basically, I died on the gurney. It took 4 shocks with the defibrillator and CPR to get me back. Got up to the cath lab and they found a 100% blocked artery in the heart which was strange because I was not having a real symptoms before the fight and not a lot after. I have had two other heart attacks due to clogged arteries, had had stents put in, but this is by far the worst one.
If you want, let people on the board and Dr Dick, Dick Lynn know. I am not sending out a lot of emails about this.

Post Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:54 pm

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I sincerly hope he is going to be OK....

PS... Buy a 9mm, and If you don't know how........learn to use it properly. That means, hit what your aiming at.

George Greer

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