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Al Wilcox, "The Trenton Flash" from NJ Past a way

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Got word Al has pasted a way. He'll be missed!

Hi Gang.
Found this on another web site.

Hospital Stop for Al Wilcox
Al Wilcox, "The Trenton Flash" from New Jersey, went into the hospital
on January 17. Al just turned 92, was a former Harley-Davidson factory
racer from 1948 -1951, AMA national #49, and "Starter to the Stars for
52 Years", "Airborne Al" has been a hero to many racers and fans
throughout the years. His lifetime dedication to motorcycle racing is
like no other. In Al Wilcox's first professional motorcycle race , the
1947 Daytona 100 mile novice race on the beach, he finished third, out
of 150 starters! Al raced that Daytona Beach course 11 times. He raced
at over 360 tracks in the U.S.A. and Canada. In 1951, Al was ranked
the 5th best in TT Racing. Al was also a motorcycle race promoter and
had Evel Knievel jump at his event. After the Evel Knievel movie was
made, Evel's price for jumping skyrocketed. When Al asked how much his
performance would cost, he told him "Evel hit the road". Since 1959,
Al has started and flagged hundreds of AMA Pro races, thousands of
WERA races, and has been the official starter for Roger Lyle's
Motorcycle Xcitement Track Days and Road Racing School, forever. Al
Wilcox brings style and class to the racetrack. His uniforms are
always sharp and colorful. His true stories of life at the racetrack
are incredible, and it is mandatory that he tell one story at every
riders meeting with Motorcycle Xcitement. The wisdom that this man
possesses is phenomenal. AL will be inducted into the Daytona 200
Monument this March 9 on the boardwalk behind the Hilton Hotel. We
hope you can attend.

You can help Al Wilcox get out of the hospital by sending your love,
get well wishes, and photos to our brother, hero and friend. This is
the best medicine I can recommend. I know this works. He reads
Al's address is 22 Vermont Street, Trenton, New Jersey 08648-4537.
God Bless Al Wilcox, Motorcycle Racing's National Treasure!

I hope Al pulls through. It would be great if he could make his
induction ceremony at Daytona in March, but also at his normal spot at
Start/Finish at Summit in April.

He goes "Fast with the Flag."

"Smok'in the competition NOT Tobacco"
"Transplant organs, Don't bury them!"
Why dwarf? 5/8 scale race cars!

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