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Are my compression releases working properly?

The main reason for compression releases is to reduce the amount of compression during the start up of your bike. Primarily if you have altered the compression ratio and have cranking compression numbers that are higher than 180psi. 

If you are using S&S electronic compression releases and you are not sure if they are working properly here are some methods of checking them out. 

1. Note that when you are cranking the engine that both releases are opening; this can be done by looking to see of they both drop down or by putting your finger on top and feeling the drop down motion. 

2. Compression releases not sealing; to check for proper seal of the release you can do a leak down test. If the leak down percentage is high and you can here air in the exhaust it is possible that a release may not be properly sealing. If this is the situation you will need to remove both releases and verify condition. (When ever you are installing or removing compression releases it is best to remove the rocker boxes it makes the job much easier.) To verify condition, after the releases are removed look for signs of the plunger not properly sealing. Some times a poorly tuned engine will cause access carbon to build up on the release causing it to stick. The releases can be cleaned and reinstalled. If the release seems to be damaged call your S&S tech line for assistance (1-608-627-TECH (8324)).

3. Check the wiring; If you do not have the releases properly wired they may not work properly and you could run the risk of damaging the releases or some thing else on your bike. If you are unsure you can see the instruction sheets for installation online here. 

4. When removing or installing our releases it is much easier to remove the rocker boxes and also the use of the S&S two piece socket will help PN 53-0045. If you choose not to use the compression releases you can install the plug into each head PN 90-4916.