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Will S&S flywheels work in my 2003 Twin Cam®?

All S&S Twin Cam® Flywheels and OEM Harley-Davidson® Twin Cam "B" 1999–'02 style flywheels are designed for to use dual tapered roller bearings (Timken® bearings) on the sprocket shaft. They will fit directly in stock H-D 1999–'02 Twin Cam crankcases and in all S&S Twin Cam crankcases without modifications.

S&S does not produce a set of flywheels that is a direct replacement for 2003 and later Twin Cam engines. Stock 2003 and later engines use a flat roller type bearing for the sprocket shaft.

In fact, for 2003, the sprocket shaft and the pinion shaft use the same bearing part number. As many of you are aware, Harley-Davidson sells a retrofit kit (HD#24004-03) that allows earlier OEM Twin Cam flywheel assemblies that use the Timken® style bearing on the sprocket shaft to accept the flat roller style sprocket shaft bearing. This allows 1999–2002 flywheel assemblies to be used in 2003—up cases. 

S&S strongly discourages use of this kit on S&S flywheels. A flywheel that has been converted from a taper roller bearing style to a flat roller bearing style may be up to the demands of low performance use, but testing at S&S has concluded that using the present style flat roller bearing on both the sprocket side and pinion side of the flywheel produces a flywheel assembly that not have enough side loading capacity in high horsepower applications. For this reason S&S will not honor any warranty claims relating to sprocket shaft bearing failures when S&S Twin Cam flywheels are used in 2003–up cases.