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Is the 145" the right engine for me?

S&S is all about performance, but when you are considering going for the biggest and badest, you have to make other considerations, such as, will this engine fit in my frame, can I run pump gas, is this going to work good on long trips, am going to get 100,000 miles out of this motor with out doing any work, these are just a few of the important questions that need to be asked before ordering a 145". 

The answers to these questions are. No this engine will not fit in any stock frame the engine is 1.350" taller than a stocker, which means you will have to get an aftermarket frame that is about 2" taller to allow for a comfortable fit of this large engine.
This is a race inspired engine which has a much more limited warranty and is not meant to ride for any long distances and you will need to run the highest possible octane available at the pumps 90+ at a minimum, to avoid detonation, this is an 11:1 compression ratio engine.

As for engine life, that depends on your driving style and maintenance, but with the longer stroke and bigger bore it will be necessary to perform rebuilds more often. 

Another consideration would be to your drive train as well; this engine produces up to 100 more horse power than a stock engine, so you will need to upgrade some of the components (clutch, chain/belt, tranz, tire and primary) to compensate for the extra power.
If you intend to run our fuel injection on your 145" that this is a custom / race engine, there is no base map for the VFI. Each bike the engine is put into is as unique as the builder. Depending on your set up you may need to do some extensive dyno tuning to get your performance where you want it.

In summary the 145" is a big bad powerful beast that cannot be tamed for cruising across the country. It likes to hunt and feast on its victims, this engine is always looking for a bite.

For more detailed information on the 145" contact a member of our race dept. at S&S and let us help you to decide is the 145" the right engine for you.