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S&S X-Wedge Engines and related products.

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For S&S® Cycle X-Wedge®

Looking for a very unique American V-Twin? Then look no further than the S&S X-Wedge engine. Designed by S&S engineers from a clean sheet of paper. This power train has features designed into it that other V-twins envy.

But it doesn’t stop there. Significant increases in horsepower are available beyond the stock configuration. Performance valve train components and stroker flywheels for increased displacement will take your X-Wedge to new performance levels.

So if your building a custom vehicle or looking to place an X-Wedge engine into a modified Harley® chassis, then check out the X-Wedge section and realize all the potential in your X-Wedge engine.

Performance valve train products for the S&S X-Wedge.
Carb and Fuel Systems for S&S X-Wedge.
High performance engine kits to customize the emissions compliant X-Wedge engine.
S&S X-Wedge engines for high performance.  Emissions compliant!
Lower End performance products designed to work with the S&S X-Wedge Engine.
High performance drive train parts to fit S&S Cycle X-Wedge motorcycle.
Frames for the S&S X-Wedge Engine
Electronic igntions designed for S&S Cycle X-Wedge engine.
Replacement parts for S&S Cycle X-Wedge products.