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Head for P-Series Engines and Retro Conversion Kits

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These cylinder heads are offered as replacements heads for Flathead Power® P-Series engines and for the Retro Conversion Kit for shovel engines, provides a nostalgic look and a performance boost over stock. The stock shovelhead bolt pattern and the availability of heads with stock bore and S&S 3 5/8" bore fire-ring machining makes them compatible with most shovel cylinders.

The intake ports accept o-ring manifolds for shovels, and the exhaust ports will bolt up to any exhaust system for a shovel engine. Although the top surface of the heads accepts a stock pan rocker cover, a special S&S rocker cradle is required to support the rocker arms. The cradles are designed to be used with S&S roller rocker arms for shovel engines, and top end oiling must be done through the pushrods. S&S Quickee pushrods are recommended. 1979–'84 o-ring style pushrod covers such as S&S part #93-4040 or equivalent are required.

Stock Bore. . . . . . . . . . . . .106-0414
3 5/8 Bore. . . . . . . . . . . . . .106-0417
3 5/8 Bore Dual Plug. . . .106-0420

Use the Special Order part number to order front or rear replacement cylinder head assemblies. . . . 106-0922 Replacement heads are only available assembled, complete with valves and springs.

Note: These are not stock replacement cylinder heads for panhead engines. They will not fit on stock panhead cylinders.

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