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3 Piece Flywheel Assemblies for 2006 H-D® Dyna® Models

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  • 2006 Harley-Davidson® Dyna® Models

Features and Benefits:

  • Heat-treated 4140 material is harder and 114% stronger than stock
  • Harder material, no thrust washers required – Where stock flywheels have thrustwashers, S&S flywheels have steel gripping the crankpin
  • Larger 1.671" diameter crankpin - increased contact area and tighter press fit for a stronger joint. No welding required!
  • Integral mainshafts - eliminates two potential points of weakness
  • Consistent balance and precision machining – Truer flywheels and less vibration
  • Reduced mainshaft deflection at high rpm – less vibration, reduced piston and rod sidethrusting, prevents oil pump damage, fully compatible with gear drive cams
  • Capable of higher rpm – More available power!


S&S® Flywheel Assemblies for 2006 H-D® Dyna® Models
Engine Displacement
Sprocket Bearing Race
Part Number
88, 95, 97, 100 w/Stock or S&S Pistons 4" Yes* 320-0392
No 320-0393
96, 103, CVO 103, 106 big bore, 110, 117 w/Stock or S&S Pistons 4 3/8" Yes* 320-0350
No 320-0351
S&S 106 Stroker 4 1⁄2" No 320-0450
S&S 111 4 1/8" No 320-0407
SE 120R (uses 7.575" length rods) 4 5/8" No 320-0523
S&S 124 4 5/8" No 320-0464
Special Order Specify Specify 329-0002

Note - All S&S flywheel assemblies for 1999-'06 engines have connecting rods with 7.667” length and full width straight wristpin ends. *Flywheel assemblies supplied with sprocket shaft bearing race installed are compatible with stock roller style sprocket shaft bearings. Assemblies with no race require a Timken® sprocket shaft bearing.

Special Order Forms can be found by clicking here.




  • Engines with strokes over 4" may require S&S® piston oiling jets and piston to jet clearance notches in the piston skirt to avoid contact.
  • Main Bearing Note: Most S&S flywheel assemblies for 1999-'14 big twin engines are designed for use with Timken® sprocket shaft bearings. They will fit directly in stock 1999-’02 Harley-Davidson® crankcases and in all S&S crankcases for 1999-'14 big twin engines, with no modifications. However, stock 2003 and later engines use a roller type bearing for the sprocket shaft. S&S does offer flywheel assemblies that are compatible with late roller style stock sprocket shaft bearings, but they are not recommended for very large, high performance engines.
  • S&S strongly recommends retrofitting 2003-'14 model crankcases to accept a Timken sprocket shaft bearing. A Timken conversion sleeve such as Screamin' Eagle® #34822-08 or Jim's® #956 may be used. A charging system spacer for 1999-'02 model year is also required.
  • The S&S® Service and Speed Center® can perform this modification for you.
  • If you choose not to convert your crankcases to a Timken sprocket shaft bearing, S&S flywheels may be used in 2003 and later engines by either purchasing the stock compatible flywheels or by installing Harley-Davidson® bearing kit #24004-03B when using S&S flywheels designed for Timken bearings. This bearing kit adapts the S&S sprocket shaft so it is compatible with stock roller type bearings. Verify that the bearing kit contains the 24604-00D or 24607-07 sprocket shaft bearing. Do not use a 24604-00, 24604-00A, 24604-00B or 24604-00C bearing. Please be advised that if this type of bearing is used, sprocket shaft bearing failure WILL NOT be covered under warranty.

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