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Super Stock® Crankcase for 1986–'03 XL and Buell® Models

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With a few small machining changes we've made one crankcase that fit both 1986–'03 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® and 1994–'03 Buell® chassis. It should be noted that although these cases will fit 1986–'90 four-speed style Sportster chassis, they require a 1991–'03 style five-speed transmission, clutch, alternator, and flywheel assembly. For this reason they are not stock replacement crankcases for 1986–'90 four speed engines.

Although S&S can supply crankcases with 1986–'90 (four-speed) or 1991-'03 (five-speed) cam chest geometry, S&S recommends using the 1986–'90 cam chest, tappets, and cover. This style of tappet, which is the same one used in Evolution® big twin engines, has a larger roller and has proven to be more reliable in high performance applications.

Crankcases machined for five speed cam geometry require 1991–2003 style cams and 1991–'96 gearcover. Unlike stock five speed crankcases, S&S cases with 1991–'03 style cam geometry feature special removable billet aluminum tappet guides which allow the use of 1986–'90 style pushrod covers. These tappet guides provide a replaceable wear area for tappet travel, and two piece pushrod covers allow access to adjustable pushrods normally used in high performance applications.

All S&S crankcases for Sportster and Buell models can be used with any stock 1986–up style oil pump, and require a 1986-'90 style oil filter mount assembly. In addition to the complete compliment of hardware and fittings, S&S crankcases also include an S&S heavy duty transmission access door. The S&S transmission door provides a seal between the primary case and the transmission, allowing the use of different lubricants in each section. A simple modification allows the primary case and transmission to share the same oil. The transmission door is complete with required bearings and bushings installed. Right side transmission case bearings are also installed and ready for assembly.


Cam Geometry   Stock Bore   3 5/8" Bore  
1991-'03   31-1008*   31-1009*  
1986-'90   31-1013   31-1001  
*Requires use of S&S cam cover gasket. (Part #31-2099)

All S&S crankcases use 5-speed transmission and primary components. These cases will not accept 4-speed transmissions or flywheel assemblies.

1991-'03 cases require 1991-'96 gearcovers which are available from S&S.

If transmission and primary do not share the same lubricant, it is vital to ensure that both the primary and the transmission are filled with the correct lubricants.

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