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T-Series Long Block Engines for 1999-2006 (except 2006 Dyna®)

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A lot of riders have already invested in performance upgrades for their stock engine by the time they are ready to move up to a complete big inch engine. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to save some money by using some of those items on your new engine? Well now you can!

S&S is offering T-Series engines for 1999-’06 big twins without fuel or ignition systems. So if you have already added a performance carburetor or an EFI throttle body and tuner to your stock engine, you can use it on your new engine. A carb or throttle body that fits a stock engine will fit the new S&S engine because the heads are specially machined to compensate for the increased cylinder length so a stock length manifold will fit. If you’ve installed a performance ignition or EFI tuner, you can use it.

S&S is also introducing the T124LC engine, which has slightly lower compression and a shorter duration cam set.  Lower compression makes the T124LC more


  • No fuel system or ignition systems included - Use what you already have
  • Special Head machining – Fits stock length intake manifolds (S&S manifold size 410)
  • Stock style breathing system – stock breather spacing and function is compatible with
    stock and most performance air cleaners
  • Same quality components and performance as our complete T-Series engines

S&S® T-Series Engine Specifications

 Engine Name    Displacement    Bore    Stroke    Cams    Piston Type    Compression Ratio  
 T111    111"    41/8"    41/8"    585GP    S&S Forged    9.8:1  
 T124    124”    41/8"    45/8"    640GP    S&S Forged Flat Top    10.8:1  
 T124LC    124”    41/8"    45/8"    585GP    S&S Forged Dished    10.2:1  


S&S® T124 Engines Without Fuel and Ignition Systems for 1999-2006 (except 2006 Dyna®)

 Chassis Style    Cam    Compression Ratio    Warranty Period    Finish    Part No.  
 1999-'06 bt
except '06 Dyna®  
 640    10.8:1    1 Year    Silver    310-0281  
 WBlack    310-0282  
 585    10.2:1    Silver    310-0327  
 WBlack    310-0326  
 CTO  Specify    Specify    Varies    Specify    319-0010  


S&S® T111 Engines Without Fuel and Ignition Systems for 1999-2006
(except 2006 Dyna®)

 Chassis Style  Cam  Compression Ratio  Warranty Period   Finish   Part No.
 1999-'06 bt except '06 Dyna®  585  9.8:1 1 Year  Silver  310-0279
 WBlack  310-0280
 CTO  Specify  Specify    Specify  319-0010


Requires Oil Line Kit:

 Fitment  Part No.
 1999-'05 FLT Models  31-0425
 1995-'06 Dyna® Models  31-0424


 Not legal for sale or use on CA or EPA pollution controlled motorcycles.

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