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Proven Performance® Protection: S&S Lubricants

Superior S&S® Lubrication For Your American V-Twin

S&S Oil

S&S Cycle is pleased to introduce a new line of premium drive train lubricants to keep your American v-twin motorcycle running like new for years to come. S&S has long been known for building the biggest, baddest engines on the salt, strip and street, so it only makes sense that the same company that provides the parts should offer a way to protect them from the rigors of high performance riding. Make no mistake, though, you don't have to be a racer to benefit from world-class S&S lubrication. Whether your rides last a quarter mile or cover a continent, S&S engine, transmission, and primary oils provide the best protection available. S&S lubricants are manufactured exclusively for S&S by Spectro® Oils of Brookfield, CT and are the best choice for stock Harley-Davidson® and S&S high performance engines.

Complete drive train protection!

  • Engine, transmission, and primary lubricants

Superior Lubrication

  • Exceeds S&S® and Harley-Davidson® warranty requirements

Exclusive Formulas

  • Enhanced levels of zinc and phosphorous for greater wear protection and longer engine life
  • Protects against oxidation from moisture build up associated with ethanol fuels
  • Smoother shifting and less transmission noise
  • Safe for catalytic converters

Multiple grades and formulations  

  • Petroleum or full synthetic

Easy pour "long neck" bottle  

  • No funnel needed

Made in the USA by two names you can trust! 

  • Manufactured exclusively for S&S® by Spectro® Oils of Brookfield, CT, USA

Why should I pay the extra money for synthetic motor oil?

It's a matter of "Pay me now, or pay me later." Synthetic motor oil reduces wear and makes your engine last longer because it does a better job of lubricating moving engine parts. Since it also stands up better to mechanical shearing and high temperatures, it maintains its lubricating properties much longer. To put it simply, synthetic oil lubricates better right from the getgo, and it keeps on protecting your engine from the time you pour it in to the next oil change.

Who actually manufactures these lubricants?

These products are manufactured exclusively for S&S Cycle by Spectro® Oils of Brookfield, CT, USA

Can I run multi-viscosity motor oil in my shovel?

Yes! And not just shovels. S&S multiviscosity motor oil can be used in any engine regardless if it has iron cylinders.

Isn't 20w50 thinner than SAE50?

The answer is yes, but not really. When it's cold, 20w50 is thinner and flows better than SAE50 at the same temperature. If your engine could talk, it would thank for using 20W50 instead of SAE50 every time you start it cold. Multi-viscosity oil flows much better at lower temperatures, so your engine will get lubrication much quicker than it would with an equivalent single weight oil. The important thing to remember is that most of the time your engine is running, it's hot, and 20w50 has the same viscosity as SAE50 at operating temperature.

I've heard that synthetic motor oil is too slippery for the roller bearings in my lower end?


Protect your engine with S&S Engine Lubricants

Oil is the life-blood of your engine, so give it a transfusion of U.S. made S&S engine oil. S&S engine oils are specifically designed for air-cooled v-twin engines such as S&S® Cycle, Harley-Davidson®, and other American v-twins. S&S offers a number of grades and formulations to fit your application and your budget. All S&S lubricants exceed S&S Cycle and Harley-Davidson® warranty requirements so it's hard to go wrong. So pick up a twelve-pack of "long necks" and give your engine and drive train the protection it deserves. Don't settle for less.

Premium Synthetic Engine OilS&S Premium Synthetic Engine Oil

S&S Premium Synthetic engine oil gives your v-twin engine the ultimate in protection. Premium synthetic base stock coupled with the exclusive S&S additive package offers superior lubrication for reduced engine wear and lower oil temperatures. S&S Premium Synthetic engine oil provides consistent viscosity, and resists thermal breakdown and oxidation at elevated temperatures. Exclusive formulation provides the enhanced oxidation protection needed when running ethanol fuels. The best choice for any engine, but a must for performance engines and for engines operated in demanding conditions. Available in cases of 12 one-quart bottles and in convenient S&S oil change kits with 4 quarts of oil and a premium oil filter.

S&S 20w50 Premium Synthetic Engine Oil
Case of 12 1-Qt bottles
Part Number 310-0285

Heavy Duty Engine OilS&S Heavy Duty Engine Oil

This petroleum based oil for air cooled v-twin engines contains superior petroleum stocks blended with advanced anti-wear additives for reduced wear and extended engine life. Anti-carbon additives eliminate a primary cause of valve sticking. This is a good choice for vintage and modern engines under normal driving conditions and for touring. Available in cases of 12 one-quart bottles and in convenient S&S oil change kits with 4 quarts of oil and a premium oil filter.

S&S 20w50 Heavy Duty Engine Oil
Case of 12 1-Qt bottles
Part Number 310-0287

S&S Petroleum 25w60S&S Premium Petroleum Engine Oil

S&S 25W60 petroleum based engine oil was created in response to requests for something to protect engines that run hot. This higher viscosity lubricant has the same exclusive advanced additive package as our 20W50 engine oil, but is recommended for engines that typically run with oil temperatures over 250°F. At operating temperature, S&S 25W60 is equivalent to straight SAE 60 weight, but it provides easier cold starting, and flows to vital moving engine parts more quickly on start up. Ideal for vintage engines with iron cylinders, big inch engines, or if it’s just hot where you ride.

S&S Petroleum 25w60 Engine Oil
Case of 12 1-Qt bottles
Part Number 310-0289


Protect your drive train with S&S Gear & Primary Oils

Transmissions and primary cases have very different lubrication needs from those of internal combustion engines. That's why we made them a different color than the motor oil. S&S Transmission Oils are colored blue, and S&S Primary Fluid is colored red for easy identification.

S&S drive train lubricants are specifically formulated for the application to reduce wear, provide smoother operation across a wide temperature range, and reduce power losses from friction. These premium quality lubricants exceed Harley-Davidson® warranty requirements. Available in cases of 12 one-quart bottles.

Premium Synthetic Transmission OilS&S Premium Synthetic Transmission Oil

This full synthetic gear oil offers the best protection for Harley-Davidson® big-twin transmissions. The combination of premium synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) base oils and an advanced additive package delivers unparalleled protection under high loads and stands up to extreme heat. S&S Premium Synthetic Gear Oil extends gear life, and reduces drag, friction losses, and wear. Not only will your transmission shift more easily and more smoothly, but it will last longer too. A.P.I. GL-1 rated.

S&S 75w140 Premium Synthetic Transmission Oil
Case of 12 1-Qt bottles
Part Number 310-0292

Extreme Duty Transmission OilS&S Heavy Duty Transmission Oil

This premium quality petroleum based hypoid gear lubricant is formulated specifically for Harley-Davidson® big-twin transmissions and is highly recommended for aftermarket v-twin gearboxes, as well. S&S Heavy Duty Gear Oil reduces drag, friction losses, wear, and extends gear life. In addition, it prevents rust, corrosion, oxidation, foaming, and gear pitting. A.P.I. GL-5 rated..

S&S 85w140 Heavy Duty Transmission Oil
Case of12 1-Qt bottles
Part Number 310-0291

S&S Petroleum Primary OilS&S Petroleum Primary Oil

S&S Cycle's Petroleum Primary Oil is formulated specifically for use in primary chain cases of Harley-Davidson® big twin and Sportster® models. This is a petroleum-based lubricant with high shear stability and the ability to withstand extreme loads. Special polymer additives allow it to remain stable at elevated temperatures and provide exceptional clutch engagement. Provides low drag and frictional losses and eliminates clutch drag and slipping.

S&S Petroleum Primary Oil
Case of 12 1-Qt bottles
Part Number 310-0290

S&S Quick Oil Change Kits

Quick Change Oil KitS&S® recommends that you change your oil and filter every 2500 miles or six months, whichever comes first. And to make it easy, we offer S&S Quick Oil Change kits. Everything you need in one convenient package.

S&S Quick Oil Change Kits for late model S&S and Harley-Davison® engines contain four quarts of either S&S Heavy Duty 20w50 Petroleum, or Premium Full Synthetic motor oil plus an S&S oil filter with chrome finish. They are available for 1984-'99 Harley-Davidson® Evolution® Engines, 1986-'13 Sportster® and 1991-'02 Buell® models, and 1999-'13* Twin Cam 88®/96™/103™ and all S&S X-Wedge® engines.

Vintage Quick Change Oil KitS&S Quick Oil Change Kits for vintage bikes are available for 1958-'82 big twins and 1953-'78 K and Sportster models with in-tank oil filters. These kits feature a premium Perf-Form® HD-1 drop-in filter.


S&S Quick Oil Change Kits For Late Model S&S® And Harley-Davidson® V-Twins

S&S Motor Oil Grade 1984-'99 BT, 1986-'13 XL
and 1991-'02 Buell®
1999-'13* BT
and all X-Wedge®*
S&S 20w50 Premium Synthetic 310-0297 310-0298
S&S 20w50 Heavy Duty 310-0293 310-0294
*Contains an anti-drain back valve


S&S Quick Oil Change Kits For Vintage S&S® And Harley-Davidson® V-Twins

S&S Motor Oil Grade 1958-'82 Big Twins and 1953-'78 K and
Sportster® Models With In-Tank Filters*
S&S 20w50 Premium Synthetic 310-0301
S&S 20w50 Heavy Duty 310-0299
*Includes Perf-form® HD-1 drop in filter



Year Application Micron
Chrome Black
each 12 pack each 12 pack
1984-'99 BT, 1986-'13 XL and 1991-'02 Buell® 30μ 31-4102 310-0240 31-4101 310-0239
1999-'13* BT and all X-Wedge® 10μ 31-4104 310-0242 31-4103 310-0241
* Contains an anti-drain back valve



Year Application Micron
1958-'82 BT with
in-tank oil filters/
1953 to 1978 K and
Sportster® models.
10μ 310-0284