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V124 Engines

Now with chrome gearcover and tappet covers!

This IST™ equipped S&S® engine features a special billet gearcover with no provision for a standard ignition system.S&S V124 Complete Assembled Performance Motorcycle Engine

S&S V124 engines are designed to replace stock Harley-Davidson® Evolution® big twin engines in 1984-’99 chassis. This is a single cam design engine which has a similar configuration to stock, it’s just bigger and badder. The V124 engine is available for carbureted and fuel injected models, and in natural, black, and polished finish. All V124 engines now feature chrome billet tappet guides and gearcover, electric compression releases, and show quality chrome plated diecast S&S rocker covers.
Carbureted Engines

Engines for 1984-’99 carbureted models include an S&S Super G carb with a teardrop Slasher air cleaner cover and either the S&S Super Stock® ignition system or the S&S Intelligent Spark Technology (IST®) Ignition. V124 engines with the S&S Super Stock® Ignition System carry a one-year warranty. For an extra year of warranty choose an engine with the S&S IST. Engines purchased with the S&S IST ignition carry an extra year of warranty because we are confident that this ignition will prevent damage to the engine due to knock or detonation, or over revving during the break-in period. Engines with IST feature a special chrome billet gear cover and are available only with billet tappet guides. Not recommended for kick start applications.

Fuel Injected Engines

Fuel injected V124 engines for 1995-’98 models come complete with a Magneti Marelli® style S&S Variable Fuel Injection (VFI) module, single bore induction with a teardrop air cleaner, and the S&S closed loop sensor kit. Engines can easily be upgraded to S&S single bore tuned induction with a simple bolt-on induction kit. (See Section 5) The VFI system included with each fuel injected engine, comes with closed loop sensors and the complete S&S ProTune II software package. Base maps for V124 engines with the most common exhaust systems are available on the software CD and from the S&S website. However, it is recommended that the VFI System be fine tuned at an S&S VFI Tuning Center. Since we have added the S&S Closed Loop Sensor Kit to all VFI equipped engines, tuning is much easier and the amount of dyno time required to fine tune the engine is greatly reduced.

Which Induction System To Use?

Upper curves of this dyno chart show S&S VFI Tuned Induction System. Lower curves show S&S VFI Teardrop Induction System. Although these tests were performed on an S&S T124 engine, the results are identical for V124 engines.

T124 Dyno Chart

S&S® V124 Engine Specifications

Bore Stroke Displacement Camshaft Piston Type
4 1⁄8” 4 5⁄8” 124” S&S 640 S&S Forged 10.8:1

Complete Fuel Injected S&S® V124 Engines – S&S VFI

Fuel Injection Style
Warranty Period
Natural Finish
Chrome Gearcover
MSRP Black Finish
Chrome Gearcover
MSRP Polished Finish
Chrome Gearcover
1995-’98 1 Year 106-0565 $9,434.05 106-0566 $9,770.40 106-0567
NOTE – S&S fuel injected 124” engines are covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty. Engines include single bore induction with teardrop air cleaner. Order tuned induction kit separately.


Complete carbureted S&S® V124 Engines – S&S Super G Carb

Ignition System
Warranty Period Natural Finish
Chrome Gearcover
MSRP Black Finish
Chrome Gearcover
Polished Finish
Chrome Gearcover
S&S IST 2 Year 31-9528 $8,571.70 31-9552 $8,901.55 31-9553
S&S Super Stock® 1 Year 31-9860
$8,074.35 31-9885
$8,404.20 31-9886 $9,190.85