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S&S® V111 Motorcycle Engine

S&S® V111 Engine replacement for Harley-Davidson® Evolution™


 Engine Name  Disp  Bore  Stroke  Camshaft Piston Type Compression Ratio
 V111  111"  41/8"  41/8"  585  S&S forged  9.8:1

Although this dyno chart shows a T111 engine, the performance is the same as the V111. Both engines have the same displacement, bore and stroke, cylinder heads, fuel system, and cam grind. Since this is a touring engine, low and midrange torque is the most important attribute. However, the horsepower of these engines is very respectable.

The new V111 motorcycle engine is designed for torque more than top end horsepower. The short 41/8" stroke is equal to the large 41/8" bore, which minimizes vibration. The relatively low lift S&S 585 cam and the single coil Sidewinder® valve springs minimize valve train noise. A smooth, quiet, torquey engine is ideal for touring applications where vibration and noise can get old on a long ride, and a loaded bagger pulling a trailer can overtax a stock engine.


  • 1984–'99 carbureted chassis
  • Custom chassis designed for Evolution® engines

Features and Benefits

  • Short stroke produces less vibration and longer engine life
  • S&S 585 cam and lightweight single coil Sidewinder® valve springs reduce valve train noise
  • S&S forged rocker arms
  • Shorter than stock height engine makes installation easy
  • Chrome plated rocker covers, tappet guides, and gearcover


  • Natural or wrinkle black powdercoat

Carbureted Engines (1984-'99)

  • S&S Super E carburetor with teardrop air cleaner

1: Intelligent Spark Technology (IST®) ignition system

  • Knock sensing ignition control prolongs engine life by automatically adjusting timing to eliminate knock by learning and storing ignition requirements of the engine
  • Guardian feature ensures proper engine break-in and protects engine with a 3 step break-in rev-limiter for first 24-hours of operation
  • Logs engine data, diagnostic test codes and history items, which can be viewed via a PC when equipped with diagnostic cable and software part #55-5075
  • Extended three-year warranty

2: Super Stock® ignition system

  • Protects engine with a 3-step break-in rev-limiter during first 24-hours of operation
  • Logs engine data that can be viewed via a PC when equipped with diagnostic cable and software part #55-1271
  • Initially configured for electric start, however, it is kick-start capable
  • Two-year warranty


Chassis Style Fuel Delivery
Ignition Warranty Natural Finish Black Finish Full Polish
1984-'99 Carb S&S Super E Carburetor IST® 3 Years 106-5701 106-5702 -
Super Stock® 2 Years 106-5703 106-5704 310-0385
Not legal for sale or use on CA or EPA pollution controlled vehicles.