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Premium High Performance Tappets

S&S premium tappets are made in the USA. Insist on this logo. It’s your assurance of superior quality and Proven Performance®.

These new Premium High Performance Tappets from S&S are intended for demanding street riders and racers. They are machined to a higher standard to provide significantly lower leak down rates for quick pump up, consistent quiet operation, and stability at high rpm. They also feature a low mass, bearing grade, silicon nitride check ball and a lighter ball spring, which allows these tappets to operate efficiently on less oil pressure. That means they pump up quickly and stay quiet from start-up to the end of the ride, even with high oil temperatures. Thanks to the close machining tolerances and low leak down rates they also handle high lift cams and stronger, performance valve springs with ease, extending the usable rpm range of your engine. Precise top end oil metering delivers just the right amount of oil to the rocker arms. This avoids leaks and oil carry over from too much oil, as well as premature rocker and valve wear from insufficient oil supply.


S&S Premium High Performance Tappets are available with or without the S&S HL2T limited travel kit installed. With the close tolerance and low leak down rate of these lifters, the main benefit of the limited travel kit is to improve starting for engines not equipped with S&S Easy Start Cams. Sold in sets of four only.


  • 1999-Up Big Twins
  • 2000-Up Sportster®


  • Reduced valve train noise from start up to shut down
  • Close tolerances for low leak down rates - fast pump up and superior high rpm performance
  • Low mass, bearing grade, silicon nitride check ball and lighter check ball spring - enhances fast pump up and quiet operation
  • 100% tested to ensure that leak down and top end oil flow are within specification

S&S Premium High Performance Tappets

Tappet Sets Part No.
Set of 4 tappets with HL2T kit 330-0174
Set of 4 tappets without HL2T kit 330-0175