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Super E & G Carburetors

super-e-carb.pngNow Better Than Ever!

The Super Shorty E & G carbs were first introduced over 20 years ago, and since have become the world's most popular performance carb for v-twin motorcycles. We're still working to make them better! The latest improvement in the new generation of Shorty carbs is a minor tweak of the intermediate fuel delivery. Our research to create emissions compliant carbs for our OE customers paid off with an unexpected performance improvement, which we have incorporated into our regular line of carbs. Previous E & G carbs have three fuel delivery ports above the throttle plate, but the new design has four. The benefit is better throttle response, and a smoother transition from the low/intermediate system to the main jet. In addition, we added an o-ring seal around the idle mixture screw to eliminate the possibility of air leakage and to help prevent the screw from vibrating out of adjustment. All current production Super E & G carburetors, serial number N02188 and later have these new features. An easy way to identify a new carb with four fuel delivery holes is the “Made In USA” on top of the carb body right below the word “SHORTY.” The Super E’s 17/8" bore is more than adequate for street engines up to about 100" displacement. The huge 21/16" bore on the Super G is recommended for engines 100" and larger.


  • 11-0450.png1999–’06 Twin Cam 88® engines 
  • 1984-’99 Evolution® engines
  • 1986-’06 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® engines
  • 1994-’02 Buell®
  • ƒƒS&S carbureted engines ƒƒ
  • Custom v-twin applications


  • Four fuel delivery ports – Better throttle response ƒƒ
  • O-ring sealed idle mixture screw 
  • ƒƒIncreased air flow for more power 
  • ƒƒAdjustable accelerator pump for quick throttle response and easy starting ƒƒ
  • Utilization of the factory dual cable system ensures safe operation ƒƒ
  • Direct replacement and high quality fit and finish – less down time and better performance ƒƒ
  • Variable position enrichment starting system

S&S Super E & G Complete Carburetor Kits

Carb Only

 Fitment    Super E    Super G    Super E    Super G  
Big Twin  1999-'05  11-0450    11-0451   11-0420 11-0421
2006  106-0874    106-0875   11-0421 11-0422
 1993-'99  11-0419    11-0434   11-0422 11-0423
 1984-'92  11-0407    11-0427   11-0423 11-0424
 1979-'84 11-0411  11-0431   11-0424 11-0425
 1966-'78 11-0402  11-0422   11-0425 11-0426
1955-'65* 11-0401  –   11-0426 11-0427
Sportster®  2004-'06  11-0470    –   11-0427 11-0428
 1991-'03  11-0409    11-0429   11-0428 11-0429
 1986-'90  11-0408    11-0428   11-0429 11-0430
 1994-'02 Buell    11-0448    –   11-0430 11-0431
Ironhead Sportster® 1979-'85 ‡ 11-0406  –   11-0431 11-0432
1957-'78 ‡ 11-0404 11-0424 11-0432 11-0433