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Bonneville - Salt & Speed

S&S Goes Back To The Salt For 2012

After a 16 year absence from the “Great White Dyno” S&S Cycle will return to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the 2012 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials. This event runs from August 25th through the 30th, and S&S will be on hand for the action. Although as a company,S&S will not be campaigning an entry, there will be numerous racers running S&S equipment on their motorcycles.

S&S will be bringing the big show trailer that you’ve probably seen at tradeshows and rallies. However, instead of a sales trip, the mission of the S&S crew this time will be to promote motorcycle racing and celebrate S&S Cycle’s long history of participation in the Bonneville experience. The trailer will be set up as a hospitality center for S&S affiliated racers, featuring light refreshments and a place to get out of the sun. It will also feature a Bonneville history display featuring two of the most influential Harley-Davidson® based salt flats race bikes from the S&S museum, Warner Riley’s Nitro Express and S&S Cycle’s Tramp III.

Some of the racers expected to be present are: Jeff Bailey of S&S Cycle, Wink Eller, Jay Allen (of Broken Spoke fame), Sam Wells, Santa Claus (AKA Tom Anderson), and many more. In addition you might be lucky enough to run into some of Bonneville’s legends of the salt. Guys who have made history at the track and just can’t stay away.

Salt & Speed: A History of Proven Performance

S&S has a long history on the salt.  Our phrase "A History of Proven Performance" comes from having the go-fast parts we make being tested at Bonneville. Here are some of our legends:


S&S at Bonneville
In 1954, S&S founder, George Smith rode his 92 cubic inch Knucklehead, "Tramp" to a land speed record of 152.02 mph.
George Smith Bonneville
In 1970, George Smith helped the Harley-Davidson® sponsored streamliner achieve a 265.492 mph land speed record and earned himself the title of "Fuel Wizard" for his knowledge of nitro burning engines.
Warner Riley
Warner Riley rode this highly modified Harley-Davidson® ironhead Sportster® race bike to 16 land speed records in the 1970’s. Many of those records were in excess of 200 mph. Warner is a 200 mph club member.
Streamliner - Dan Kinsey
In 1985, S&S rider Dan Kinsey piloted "Tenaciouis", an S&S powered motorcycle streamliner to a USFRA land speed record of 276.51 mph.  A record that stands to this day.
Dan Kinsey with Tramp III
In 1991, Dan Kinsey returned to the salt flats with the "Tramp III" to achieve a 226.148 mph APS-APF2000 record.
Jody Anderson and Tim Culver
In 1996, S&S riders Jody Anderson and Tim Culver earn 3 BNI records for S&S.
Jeff Bailey
S&S Engineering Manager, Jeff Bailey set multiple records on the salt. In 2007, 172.591 mph record in APS-PG 1650 on a Buell X1 with a S&S 100” engine and in 2010, 2 records of 176.271 and 180.35 on his Buell S2 with a 160 CID S&S engine