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Knowledge of Power - Performance Seminars


What are S&S Performance Seminars?

Have you ever wished you could get the real story about improving the performance of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? Have you ever wondered what's really going on inside your engine? Did you ever just wish you could ask somebody who knows? You're in luck on all accounts because your local S&S dealer is hosting the S&S performance seminar Knowledge of Power. Here's your chance to get it straight from S&S Cycle, the most authoritative source in the v-twin high performance industry.

In this informative seminar, you'll learn about the following:

  • Internal Combustion Engines - What goes on inside your engine?
  • What's Compression Ratio - What happens if I change it?
  • Displacement - Is bigger always better?
  • Cam Timing Basics - What's going to work best in my bike?
  • Reading Dyno Charts - What does it all mean?
  • Torque vs Horsepower - Which one really counts?
  • Fuel Delivery Basics - More fuel = more power, but how?

Perhaps the best feature of this seminar is that you can ask questions! The S&S presenter is a seasoned industry professional, fully qualified to answer your questions. This is your chance to really get the information you need to decide what performance upgrades are right for your bike, your budget, and your personal riding style.

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